Wastewater Treatment

Whether it is a new plant or an upgrade of an existing facility to meet required discharge standards, HYCOR provides the right, reliable and tailored solutions that meet the challenges of good engineering practice, successful implementation of innovative technologies and consistent adherence to effluent discharge standards and other municipal and environmental guidelines.

HYCOR, with its advance wastewater treatment solutions, helps to protect water resources, improve overall quality of life and contributes towards a sustainable environment.

Disinfection and discharge into the environment that involves disposal of treated water into the environment whether it is used for irrigation, landscaping, filling aquifers, return to a marine environment or use in industrial processes.

HYCOR provide custom made design for each project, based on water analysis and effluent targets. HYCOR design different type of treatment such as extended aeration EA, moving bed bioreactor MBBR, fixed bed bioreactors.

sequencing batch reactor SBR, membrane bioreactor MBR, Anaerobic and Aerobic processes, etc. The treatment undergoes through Primary, Secondary and in many cases Tertiary treatment stages. The selection of the treatment system depends on the required effluent quality, the specific requirements of the project and the most commercially attractive option as a function of CAPEX and OPEX.

HYCOR take special consideration to the excess sludge that is a normal by-product of the main treatment process. Specific treatment systems are adapted to the condition and process sludge so that it can be utilized as fertilizer and soil conditioners. HYCOR engineers design lime stabilization and thermal treatment for the sludge to upgrade from grade B to grade A. By introducing advance sludge management systems. HYCOR can reduce the bad impact on environment and avoid direct land disposal which traditionally yields to leachate infiltration to the soil and result in underground contaminations.

HYCOR has designed, built and supplied hundreds of wastewater treatment plants to treat municipal sewage, as well as industrial waste. In many cases, the water is treated to a potable water quality level for reuse in the process or supplied for irrigation. These treatment processes not only keep the environment clean, but also reduce strain on fresh water resources.