HYCOR’s activity started due to the global water scarcity problem and in reflection to the growing concern about the conservation of natural resources. Being consistent with this concept HYCOR has demonstrated its capability to obtain high quality water and wastewater effluent that meets strict levels of environmental standards within the frame of a sustainable development and in full compliance with health and safety policies for all stakeholders. In this manner, HYCOR is in position to respect and protect the environment while satisfying client’s requirements without compromising planet’s natural resources. HYCOR has established a total quality management system implemented for the design, erection, testing, commissioning as well as operation and maintenance stages. The system is designed to enable monitoring and control of activities related to quality, health, safety and environmental management and protection.

The system is implemented in:
  • Design, Construction, Start-up and Commissioning of Water, Wastewater and Environmental projects
  • Operation and Maintenance of above projects
  • Quality Control of water for human consumption, industrial water, sewage and wastewater effluent.

HYCOR quality system is internally audited by a team of qualified auditors on an annual basis.