HYCOR undertake detailed engineering design from FEED stage to Shop Drawings. During the schematic design phase HYCOR ensure the design is properly and effectively carried out.

To properly assess the Design Consultants adherence to technical and progress requirements, design reviews are conducted at various levels of completion during the preliminary and schematic design, design development, and construction document phases.

Such reviews are normally scheduled at the 30, 60, 90, and 100% completion levels, depending upon the complexity of the design.

Design criteria shall include the program description, program budget, and special requirements, such as design criteria, land requirements, environmental issues and public concerns.

The design intent will be examined to ensure that the design meets the needs of the program and conforms to the approved design concepts and standards.

The design intent also will be reviewed for life-cycle costs to ensure Our Client receives a cost effective product. Other baseline criteria reviews include compliance with Local, State, Federal, and other applicable codes and standards, as well as industry standards.