Bio Solid Stabilization

Sludge is a byproduct of the wastewater treatment process. Once wastewater reaches a treatment plant, the effluent goes through a number of physical, chemical and biological processes to treat the wastewater and remove the solid contents. The solids are then collected and further treated or stabilized to reduce volume, odors and control pathogens and other organisms, which are capable of transporting diseases.

The treatment processes at wastewater facility, which employs to stabilize the wastewater solids will result in either Class A or Class B Bio-solids, depending on the methods used. Upon completion of the stabilization process, the collected solid can be referred to as Bio-solids, which can be re-used for agriculture application as a fertilizer or soil conditioners.

HYCOR can run pilot treatment systems and analytical testing to document the effectiveness of treatment and stabilization prior to installation of a full scale system. HYCOR also offers complete after sales service on all of our equipment and system.

HYCOR offers a range of Bio-Solids Stabilization Processes:
  • Aerobic or Anaerobic Digestion Systems
  • Dewatering with Centrifuge, Belt Press, or Filter Press
  • Bio-Solid Upgrade through Lime Stabilization or Thermal Process