H2S Removal

Hydrogen sulphide (H2S) must be treated at its emission source to avoid health risks, odour, and corrosion. Conventional chemical H2S removal technologies like chemical scrubbers have several limitations, such as requiring high amounts of absorption chemicals and energy. In contrast, biological H2S removal technologies are environment friendly, easy to operate, and less expensive due to their low energy requirements.

HYCOR has extensive experience in removing H2S, Odor and other VOCs by using Biological Treatment. The use of Biological instead of Chemical processes, provide high incentive to clients and end users. The OPEX reduction in saving Chemicals is significant, not to mention the elimination of releasing chemicals into environment. HYCOR has managed to design and build several projects where removal of H2S was essential for project success.

Hycor engineers design advance H2S removal by using a set of processes such as:

  • Degasser Tower Systems
  • Bio-Trickling Filters
  • Carbon Filters
  • Air Fan
  • Special Media
  • Monitoring System